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WOW—at the Heart of Joy and Service!
by Ronne Rock
Posted on Tuesday, December 17, 2019
The holiday spirit was shining brightly in both Dallas and Houston as WOW chapters in both cities celebrated the season the way they know best—in service to the orphaned and vulnerable children they love.

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Women for Orphans Worldwide (WOW), the volunteer auxiliary for Orphan Outreach, was born when a group of mothers and their middle-school age daughters traveled together to serve in Guatemala. Returning from that trip, the daughters asked if ongoing care could be provided to the children they met and ministered to throughout the country. WOW Dallas was formed in 2008, and after serving alongside the Dallas chapter for years, WOW Houston launched its full ministry efforts in 2017. In just over a decade, nearly 1,500 WOW members have served on mission trips, and the two WOW chapters have raised more than $1.25 million to provide the essentials of care children need to thrive. Recently, the eleventh annual Heart of WOW Luncheon and Guatemalan Market, hosted by WOW Dallas, and the second annual Circle of Joy Guatemalan Market, hosted by WOW Houston, added close to $300,000 more to those fundraising efforts.

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At the WOW Houston event, chapter president Robin Conner shared, “Some of the most rewarding times as a parent are watching your child embrace other children from cultures that are so different than their own. Because of that love, we’ve grown to support five ministries in Guatemala—two children’s homes, two community outreach programs, and Down Guatemala.”

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“We continued to be amazed by the commitment and compassion of our WOW members,” said Tiffany Taylor Wines, one of the auxiliary’s founders who also serves as Orphan Outreach VP of Development. “Because of the generosity and support at these events and throughout the year, WOW ensures that every child’s needs are met in a real, tangible, and practical way. This support has impacted and changed the lives of thousands of Guatemalan orphans, children and vulnerable families.”

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“The work of WOW is a reflection of the heart of Jesus towards the least and the lost,” says Orphan Outreach Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Rey Diaz. “Children are fed every single day.  Right now, nutritious meals, baby formulas and baby food are being provided. Children have access to clean drinking water, thus reducing the water-borne illnesses so common in developing countries. Children in red-zones and impoverished communities, who would otherwise drop out of school, receive a quality education and learn to love school. Children with special needs, those that have been forgotten are treated like queens and kings, receiving all the therapies they need to thrive. Children with deep hurts and trauma receive counseling. Babies who have been abused, abandoned, and neglected are loved and given attention they need. Families are supported, strengthened, and counseled so they stay together, strong and healthy.

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“And most importantly, we share Gods love and plan for their lives. Because of everything WOW has done, change is happening.”

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If you were unable to attend one of the WOW events, you can still make a significant difference in the life of a child by making a tax-deductible contribution to Orphan Outreach. Now through December 31st, your donation is matched, dollar for dollar. Your support is needed now more than ever. Join the heart of WOW and give today.

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