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Shining Brighter than Ever - Our 2018-19 Annual Report
by Mike Douris
Posted on Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Our 2018-2019 annual report is far more than a financial impact statement.

It is the story of YOUR impact on the lives of children around the world. No matter how you became part of our global Orphan Outreach family—through a mission trip, church partnership, fundraising event, sponsorship, or advocacy effort—you are transforming lives and transforming the landscape of orphan care.

In this year’s annual report, you’ll discover the sustainable impact Orphan Outreach and its donors are making in Kenya with the installation of deep-water wells in both Nairobi and Mechimeru. And right now, Orphan Outreach is taking the lead in Honduras, as we work with the government to develop quality privatized foster care for children hoping for a place to call home.

On behalf of our United States staff, our NGO partners in Central America, Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe, and our ministry partners who work diligently in every country we serve, thank you.

Together, we will shine brightest where the world is darkest.

God bless,

Mike Douris

Orphan Outreach President and Co-Founder



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