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Walking in the Light
by Rey Diaz
Posted on Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Over the years we have become convinced that we can accomplish more for the cause of the fatherless together than by ourselves.  What does this have to do with you?  Very simple.  God’s best for you, His plan for your life, and the changes required to see that plan come into fruition are going to come about as you connect to a community committed to grow in Christ and engage in orphan care.

In community we move from theoretical to concrete.  Instead of talking about “faith," we talk about “my faith.”  Instead of “feeling overwhelmed” it's “look how many of us will stand for orphans.”  Instead of “what can I do”, it's “what can’t we do.”  In community you see miracles.  You see change.  Your faith grows.  That is what Orphan Outreach wants.  We want your faith in your Heavenly Father to grow.  We want your commitment to the cause of the orphan to deepen.   It won’t happen by yourself.

It will happen in community.

I’ve asked people who have found this type of community to answer a simple question - “What does it mean to you to be a part of a community that cares about orphan and vulnerable children?”

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God works through partnerships and community to redeem all parts of life to Himself. We sharpen one another, we learn from one another, we encourage one another. Working to care for orphan and vulnerable children without community is to depend on yourself instead of the Lord and his Church.

Being part of a community that cares for orphaned and vulnerable children means there is an army of both prayer and in-the-trenches warriors fighting for hope to shine brightly for children around the world and for every child to both love and be loved, in this life and eternally.

Being part of a community that cares about orphan and vulnerable children brings me joy not just because we are bringing hope, love and light to children who live in darkness but also being a small part of a huge work that reflects God's heart and brings Him glory!

When there is a community of people who have the same passion to care and serve orphans and vulnerable children, there is an immediate bond, but the real connection comes as you support each other in the day to day difficulty of an overwhelming but God-ordained mission that needs all of us to use our gifts and abilities to make it better.

Being the hands of the one body.

Being part of a community that cares about vulnerable children allows each one of us engage in  “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless” as we  “look after orphans ...in their distress...” (James 1:27) Now that’s a great purpose as we all strive to one day hear “Well done good and faithful servant."


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