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Turning pain into poetry
The work and witness of “Mi Especial Tesoro,” a healing home for once broken girls
by Whitney Williams
Posted on Thursday, April 04, 2013
Beautiful. Valued. Loved. Special. Pure. These words seem foreign to many of the girls living at “Mi Especial Tesoro” (My Special Treasure) home in Guatemala.

Want to speak their language? Use words like dirty, worthless, used, and abandoned. Sadly, these young girls know the meaning of those words deep in their bones.

But that’s all starting to change.

Saved by a missionary couple from the impoverished streets of Chimaltenango, a city known for alcoholism and prostitution, all of the girls come from situations of abuse, with 95 percent of those cases being sexual.

But with the help of their new home, Christian psychologists Paola and Luis, who visit the girls on a weekly basis, and Orphan Outreach sponsors like you, the girls are in the process of learning “a new language.”

"Mi Especial Tesoro" is dedicated to rescuing girls that are on the street and at high risk due to extreme poverty. The home provides protection, education, medical care, and the teaching of God’s Word.

While in the home, the girls, ages 9 to 18 years, attend a variety of group workshops with their psychologists, Paola and Luis. Topics include self-esteem, forgiveness, inner healing, sexual abuse, cohabitation, values, dating, assertiveness, fears, friendship, motivation, and identity, among other things.

By the grace of God, through these workshops and through personal counseling sessions, Paola and Luis have seen great progress in each of the girls.

The personal guilt they felt after being victimized? No longer a burden for many of them. The anger and resentment they once harbored toward their abusers? Much of it released.

“We are amazed at the work that God is doing with them, in their character, emotional healing, spiritual growth, and overall development,” Paola said. Once distant, each dealing with her own pain, the girls are now open—united as sisters, friends.

And thanks to Luis’ positive male presence, Paola says, many of the girls who used to be afraid of him, and men in general, now have a high level of confidence with him, as well as another healthy male figure in their lives, in addition to that of their principal, Cesar.

“We thank God to be entrusted with the opportunity to share His gospel message and love with these beautiful girls, because they are His special treasure,” Paola said on behalf of herself and Luis. “In addition, we thank all the Orphan Outreach sponsors who, through their monthly gifts and special visits, are helping change lives at 'Mi Especial Tesoro.'”

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