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We know that caring for orphans is a demonstration of God’s love pouring in and through us to the most vulnerable in our world. For some of us, that love is shown through child sponsorship or through sharing our time and our gifts as we journey around the world to ministry at schools, children’s homes, and community programs.

For some of us, opening our hearts means opening our homes through adoption.

Orphan Outreach is excited to announce the addition of Joseph’s DreamCoat (financial adoption assistance) to our ministry programs. We want to see orphans placed in safe, nurturing, Christian homes, where the child will not only experience the love of Jesus Christ, but meet the person of Jesus through the permanent care of a forever family.

We will provide grants to families who are committed and faithful Christ-followers. We have a special place in our hearts for pastors and ministry leaders who may long for adoption but find the costs to be prohibitive. Our application process is designed to focus on the heart of the family itself – values and spiritual well-being and why adoption is important to you and the child.

Josephs DreamCoat was started by Jay and Jennifer Kassing after the adoption of a son from Guatemala. They started off by helping one or two couples a year with financial assistance through the adoption process. But it quickly grew to two or three, then three or four, then, eventually 35 applications per year. In 2016, they let God’s plan become bigger by partnering with Orphan Outreach. They will continue with the ministry but as Jay perfectly said it – “The ministry isn’t ours. We have to listen to God. It’s his call for us to turn it over with an organization that will shepherd it well. Orphan Outreach will be able to do more with this than the two of us ever could.”

Application Process and Deadlines

All applications are completed online. There are four application deadlines throughout the year: January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31.

You can begin the application process here.

You can email us at Josephsdreamcoat@orphanoutreach.org if you have any questions.

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