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When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Ukraine gained its independence from Russia. The orphanage system in Ukraine is similar to Russia where children who have been abandoned or taken from their homes in cases of neglect or abuse reside in orphanages. There are approximately 95,000 children in Ukrainian orphanages and these children must leave the orphanage by the time they are 16 or 17. The statistics for what happens to these young adults after graduating from the orphanage are heartbreaking. Many end up in prison or involved in drugs, prostitution, trafficking, or crime, with some resorting to suicide.

Orphan Outreach worked with LifePoint Church to help develop a program for orphan graduates in Dnipro, Ukraine called Alpha Life. This ministry assists orphan graduates as they leave the orphanage system by providing spiritual, physical and emotional support. Orphan Outreach is partnering with Alpha Life ministry to help provide the safety net these graduates need as they transition to adulthood. The Alpha Life program provides weekly Bible studies, fellowship, holiday parties and more. Orphan Outreach is providing financial support, leadership and will bring short-term mission teams to Ukraine.

Outreach Programs

The Alpha Life staff members visit several orphanages in Dnipro with volunteers from the local church and Alpha & Omega ministry to offer hope and mentoring to the children. They support the orphanage staff by meeting their needs and celebrating special occasions. Our hope is to train and equip volunteers throughout Dnipro and the surrounding region to reach out to the children and develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with them. Short-term mission teams will provide humanitarian aid and additional outreach to the children in these orphanages.

Orphan Graduate Program

Orphan Outreach has seen the tremendous needs of orphan graduates in Ukraine. These young people must leave the orphanage at 16 or 17 and have little hope for a successful future. The orphanages are understaffed, and usually have only one social worker for all of the children in the orphanage. It is impossible for the social worker to meet the needs of all of these children, especially the significant needs of those who are about to graduate. Click here to continue reading.

Orphan Graduate Urgent Needs Assistance

Orphan Outreach also provides the financial resources to meet the urgent needs of the graduates and help them renovate their apartments and rooms. So many graduates receive apartments or rooms that are in terrible condition and are unlivable. They also have no supplies, furniture or household items for their apartments. We also provide urgent needs like medicine, clothing, hygiene items, school supplies and dental care. The list of urgent needs never ends for the graduates. Click here to learn how you can support our Graduates.

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  • Capital - Kiev
  • Size/Area – 233,062 sq miles
  • Population – 44.5 million
  • Time Zone - 8 hours ahead of CST
  • Language(s) –Ukrainian
  • Currency – Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
  • Type of Government – Unitary Republic
  • Current Leader - President Petro Poroshenko
  • Compulsory Education - 6 to 17 years
  • Literacy - 99%
  • Religion - Eastern Orthodox
  • Is the country worst affected by HIV/AIDS in Europe. Highest HIV prevalence in all of Europe and Central Asia.  Most at risk are adolescents.
  • Over 96,000 children live in institutions, ranging in age from newborns to 18 year olds.
  • An orphan's average life expectancy is less than 30 years.
  • At age 15 to 18, children are forced to leave the orphanages (emancipated) with little or no formal schooling, very limited life skills, and no one to turn to for assistance.
  • Within the first year of leaving the orphanage, over 50% are involved in prostitution or crime, another 30% are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and another 10% commit suicide.